Friday, December 29, 2017

Listen to your inner voice!

Many times we seek advice from people when we are in doubt. That's a good thing to do actually. You gain knowledge and get to learn through their own experiences. But what we forget is that it's their own experience which built their life path. It cannot be the same for anyone else.

They may tell you to go their way, the way they have come out of their problems. Here, situations might be similar but it's YOU this time and not THEM! And the passion is yours, not theirs!

How can you slip your feet in a shoe which is of a different size!
Listen to the advices but do what your inner self tells you. Believe in your instincts. Trust that if you fall once that's totally okay. Till when would you keep falling: twice, thrice and then the nth time you will get up. Everyone has this energy within, which generates tremendous power, enough for you to attain anything you wish for. And after this what comes out of you will be true happiness, of achieving what you would have forbidden because of others' opinions in the first place!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Colourless beyond colours!

What's the colour of the soul! Have you ever thought about it? What if it's black! Would there still be racism?

Black or white, it does not matter what the skin colour is. The soul knows no boundaries, has no brains to think about how the world sees us. It purely gets connected to one such other. It's beyond all colours that we know of.

It's the lighthouse glowing at its own brightness. The golden music and silent colour that knits itself to a rare of its kind. The weaving energy holding an unfathomable power to flow unconditionally throughout the journey of life and beyond.

It's the driving force at the core of your being. The deeply engulfing ocean of sacredness, it's the heart of everything you can look around. The green leaves and the dried up flowers, the books in your shelf and the ink in your pen; soul resides in all.

Soul is you and you are the soul of this entire Universe. You can not be if Soul can not be!

Image courtesy: @pinterest 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Victim of others' desire!

They could stop and think for a second. But the sheer need of pleasure turns theirs eyes into those of a devil. Taking action over thoughts that dwelled deep and grew within; they surpass all boundaries. In a moment of lust they quench their thirst. 

Yes, a girl being raped again! 

With every fraction, she remembers all her beautiful memories. Memories getting faded with heart aching pain in that moment. Still she remembers how pleasant were the days when she made food for her family and enjoyed bursts of laughter with her friends. How amazing were the days when her lover gave a tight hug and made her forget each sorrow! 

Ripping her heart while they rip the clothes she was just gifted by her mother. Biting the flesh underneath her skin, they bite her confidence she cherished with pride. Morality, respect, dignity - all crushed at once. Every wish in her personal diary getting crashed like her soul within! Screaming to the edge where noises vanish in the space, yet no one to hear and help her out. Those monsters not only suck out her organs, but all the meanings of  life she had discovered! 

A small amount of satisfaction at the cost of an innocent who is alive but lifeless. She dies every passing moment there after, to die at once. She longs for her immortal soul to be at peace. She fights till the end of her last breath; with herself, then with her thoughts and with the images media portray about her. 

She has nowhere to go. At last, numbness takes over and she gives up, tired of all chaos she couldn't control! 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A place where calmness takes over the mind
Where my breathe gets filled
with fresh aroma of the pages
The pages yet to be felt on my finger tips
The pages inscribed with thousands of stories unread
Stories and lives of people imprinted in words
Words that express each feeling of a heart

Unlocked mysteries and thrilled actions
Portraying everything in a dramatic situation
Books on love and books on luck
Scientific fiction and of seduction
Some wild fantasies & dark ecstasy

One script written with a single thought;
yet read by all with different perceptions
A shift in perception is what inspiring writers bring
They don't need a sword
 'cause their ink engraves all rocks;
cutting them down to the core of the Earth
Soothing my soul to an unbeatable level!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Your soul..!!

Your soul is a lighthouse;
coated with black
A delusion;
created to keep it untouched,
unburnt & unspoilt!

Wish I could show you;
how beautifully it played tunes. 
Tunes that are now lost;
somewhere into a hustle! 

Your soul is an advent of energies. 
Energies divine;
which sparkle & shine. 
Lighting up my spirit;
way down deep! 

Wish I could show it's magnificence;
vibrancy & it's radiance
Reaching mine;
in a mysterious way!

Your soul is gravity. 
No matter how hard I try;
I am pulled back. 
And all my broken pieces
are mended at once! 

Wish I could show you
the luminous rays
it spreads over my entire realm
And brings life to my once dead heart!